Mine Planning (Dragline) – Brisbane

The aim of this two-day course is to provide a comprehensive overview of planning and operational methods associated with dragline mining systems. The course focuses on system efficiencies and the importance of dragline engineering decision-making based on costs. Participants will use DragSim in the course workshops to simulate and analyse various planning scenarios.

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Dragline mine design

Systematic mine planning process, and mining limit assessment using economic ranking criteria.

Dragline key components

Typical configuration, dig & dump cycle, understanding dragline working envelope, and dragline buckets.

Dragline operating methods

Range diagrams, pit layout, boxcuts, single seam applications, multi-seam applications, use of dozers & throw blasting, handling geotechnical & hydrological issues.

Dragline productivity

Calculating re-handle, productivity calculations, sensitivity to changing operating & design paramaters (pit width / seam dip / swell / ramp placement etc), motion control & new technology, sensitivity to operators &
design procedures.

Dragline scheduling

Meeting production targets, blending constraints, and dragline sequencing.

Economics & decision making

Evaluation techniques, marginal cost analysis, time value of money, and discounted average cost.

  • Understand frequently used dragline terminology.
  • Describe the key elements of efficient dragline systems.
  • Describe the practices involved in systematic mine planning.
  • Learn how to make engineering decisions based on costs.
  • Learn about various dragline mining methods involving single seam and multi seam applications.

  •  Mine Planning Engineers
  • Planning Managers / Superintendents
  • Senior Operational Personnel
  • Equipment Manufacturers