Carbon Literacy for Miners – Brisbane


This one-day course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the global mining industry and climate change. It focuses on identifying the sources of emissions in mining and the current risks and opportunities presented by the transition to a low-carbon future. Participants will explore emission reduction solutions related to mine planning and asset management and learn about the future of mining in the low-carbon transition. This instructor-led carbon literacy course is designed to be educational and inspiring, with the goal of providing you with the tools to understand how you can contribute to a low-carbon future within your professional organisation and your community.

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The Science and Socioeconomics of Climate Change (Online pre-course learning)

Overview of climate change and the mining industry.

Sources of Emissions in Mining

Overview of the Mining Process, the sources of emissions and the stages of mining that these occur.

Emissions Management

Group activity focused on discussion of decarbonisation goals and scenarios using estimation tools.

Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities

Physical & transition risks and opportunities, reporting on climate related risks (TCFD requirements).

Emission Reduction Solutions

Decarbonisation options for mining and processing, the role of mine planning and asset management for decarbonisation, and key decarbonisation pillars for mining.

Simulation Workshop

Use simulation tool TALPAC-3D to compare results of alternative fuel types for mining fleets.

Mining in the Low-Carbon Transition

Energy, Mobility, and Infrastructure, Circular Economy, and Just Transition.

  • Gain knowledge of the relationship between the global mining industry and climate change.
  • Understand the mining process and identify the sources of emissions throughout the Life of Mine.
  • Identify the climate-related risks and opportunities for the mining industry.
  • Explore emissions management case studies.
  • Understand emission reduction solutions and the transition to low-carbon mining.

  • Administrators
  • Business analysts
  • Executive & management teams
  • Environmental & sustainability professionals
  • Finance professionals
  • Legal professionals
  • Maintenance professionals
  • Mine planning engineers
  • Production & operational personnel
  • People & culture professionals
  • Suppliers