This course teaches participants how to read and create RPMGlobal’s XPAC 7 XCM script. The course teaches students the fundamentals of scripting and intermediate scripting functionality.

Course Content

Ranges & Simple XCMs

Transfer Data From Other Sources

Message Boxes & Print Screen Statements

Control Structures & Arrays

User Defined Functions & Subroutines

Trigger Scripts

Practice Exercises

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the structure of an XCM.
  • Become familiar with the XCM scripting language.
  • Learn how to declare variables and use variables.
  • Know how to create sub-routines and functions.
  • Understand how to apply XCMs to the XPAC Databases.
  • Learn how to use scripts to perform multiple actions in XPAC.

Who is the Course For?

  • Mine Scheduling / Planning Engineers
  • Mine Planning Managers / Superintendents
  • System Administrators

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