XERAS is a financial modelling solution that gives trust in your budgeting process. XERAS can be integrated into any ERP, and is SAP-Certified, to deliver a live forecasting environment, significantly reducing the time it takes to generate budgets and forecasts, delivering companies an accurate financial position, at any given time.


Single source of truth

Remove spreadsheets from your business with one source for all data.

Informed decision making

Visualise and change reports simply with drag-and-drop functionality.

Version comparison

Gain insight into financial plan variances.

Sensitivity analysis

View key performance indicators to make efficient decisions.

Driver based forecasting

Integrated with the mine plan to deliver a true reflection of costs.


Intuitive user interface that is easy to use and learn.

Deliver commercial agility

Run simultaneous scenarios to know what the financial impact is.

Zero (driver) based budgeting

In the mining industry, a zero-based budget is where the physical plan and sequence of mining and processing activities – “the mine plan” – forms the funding basis from which you apply the various costing rates to those cost drivers.


Integrated planning

Mining schedules can be transferred to XERAS within seconds, without the need for data handling in Excel files. XERAS then uses the same data that the planning department uses to generate the budget.

Multiple scenario analysis

Only having time to evaluate one plan introduces risk to the business. Assessing multiple options for strategic and budgeting timeframes is critical to assess the likely outcomes and reduce the risks associated with the best option. XERAS lets users build numerous options, then investigate and refine the most attractive.


Corporate assumptions management

The corporate finance team generally controls key assumptions required for the forecast process. These are typically captured in Excel files then distributed via email to site users. Take the price of diesel; a last-minute update to the price assumptions causes delays and rework across the business. XERAS allows for ownership of key assumptions, so any changes will promptly trigger a recalculation of the forecast, giving mine operations the confidence that standardised, repeatable logic is used.

Competitive advantage to make informed decisions

For companies who operate in highly competitive environments, XERAS delivers a competitive advantage by creating efficiency and increased accuracy and value. By integrating into any ERP, XERAS  provides a visual, live forecasting environment, significantly reducing the time to generate budgets and forecasts from weeks to minutes. XERAS is the tool that provides mining companies with the insight they need to proactively make informed decisions that affect change, reduce risk and positively impact the bottom line. XERAS operates from a single source of data that stakeholders across the business can access anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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