The Underground Metals Solution is a sophisticated scheduling software package for developing short, medium,  long term and strategic schedules. It is 100% script-free and made up of pre-defined logic that automatically determines what is practically possible to achieve across one or multiple mining operations.

UGMS is spatially aware and uses a connected development network to validate mining rules, for example controlling tasks that can be performed in proximity to an active stope. Combined with the detailed modelling of the material handling system, from ore passes, rail networks, crushers, shafts and backfill delivery, it is easier and quicker for users to visualise and analyse the impacts of such constraints on production.

UGMS is part of the XPAC Solutions Suite:  the only Enterprise Planning solution that complies with industry standards and aligns to ISA-95, delivering true collaboration across the mining value chain.


Process-driven UI

Unique, process-driven UI. Learn in a few days, implement in a few weeks.

Automated reserving

Automatically creates the scheduling reserves from geology and design, whilst handling massive models.

Integrated destination scheduler

Simultaneously schedules mining and dumping, so you know the source and destination of every step.

Integrated haulage modelling

Detailed haulage modelling of every movement in the mine with automatic reporting of equipment requirements.

Intuitive, practical scheduling rules

Intuitive, sophisticated mining rules ensure schedules are always feasible and practical.

Dynamic scheduling

Dynamic scheduling allows a mix of manual and automatic techniques in the same schedule.

Scheduling speed

Incredibly fast scheduling speed – easy to study different scenarios.

Product Optimiser

Integrated Product Optimiser finds the best way to process, blend and stockpile products to maximise value.

Enterprise integration

Directly integrated with other RPM Solutions and ERPs.

Redefining mine planning and scheduling

Underground Metals Solution (UGMS) is an underground metals-specific mine scheduling software that combines design, scheduling, backfill, and haulage modelling into one integrated solution. Underpinning the solution is a powerful scheduling engine that does all the heavy lifting without compromising sophistication and capabilities. The parametric approach allows engineers to easily evaluate multiple scenarios and react to changing market conditions from an individual site to multi-site and global operations. Engineers now spend time adjusting the best plan and less time modifying data. This gives a far greater understanding of the key drivers of the operation.

Development prioritisation

UGMS is ideal for medium to long-term strategic planning and can be fine tuned for shorter planning cycles.

UGMS uses a two-pass scheduling approach to firstly establish the stope extraction sequence to deliver ore tonnes obeying defined mining rules.  This sequence is then used to prioritise development to provide the stoping schedule.  Development sequencing is automatically controlled and encompasses intersection behaviour, heading priority and maximum advance rates.

The minimum pre-requisite development path for each stope back to the closest connection with existing development is automatically identified.

Production & backfill rate profiles

Users can now produce realistic and achievable schedules throughout the entire mining process. With in-built production rate profiles, users can adjust the production rate at any given point of the mining sequence. Production can be ramped up to a maximum rate then dropped back for final remote loading. Different profiles can also be set for various sized stopes and/or multiple mining methods.

The placement of engineered backfill and development waste into stopes is fully scheduled, with allowance for high strength plugs, mixed fill types and mixed curing rates. Again, backfill rate profiles can be defined to ensure the filling rate of stopes is automatically throttled back when filling past barricades.

Intuitive mining rules

There are as many mining methods as number of underground metalliferous operations.  Mining rules have been development to mimic safety, capacity, geotechnical, ventilation and other constraints.  These rules provide the rigour required for underground environments whilst being flexible enough to be applied across multiple mining methods. Combined with the detailed modelling of the material handling system, from ore passes, rail networks, crushers, shafts and backfill delivery, it is easier and quicker for users to visualise and assess the impacts of such constraints on production.

Dynamic proximity exclusion Rules

UGMS allows you to set up exclusion zones around active stopes to prevent other activities from proceeding​ around them. For example, you might create a rule where there is to be no stoping within 50m of an active stope and no drilling within 25m of an active stope. These rules are displayed graphically making it easy to visualise and communicate the plan.

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