UGCS is a strategic scheduling solution developed specifically for the challenges of underground coal mining. It allows you to schedule automatically, manually or a combination of both. The tedious work of planning disappears with automated, practical mining rules taking care of the mundane tasks allowing engineers to focus on delivering value to the operation.

UGCS is 100% script-free making it fast to implement and easy to learn. It is made up of pre-defined logic that, when combined with the knowledge of mining engineers, automatically determines what is practically possible to achieve across one or many mining operations. Rather than complex menus and options hidden within deeply nested dialogues, the repeatable process provides every opportunity exactly when and where required. And because the process has been designed specifically for the challenges of underground coal mining, we have avoided the heavy reliance on scripting common with alternative tools.


Process-driven UI

Unique, process-driven UI. Learn in a few days, implement in a few weeks.

Reserving and working section modelling

Builds a detailed 3D model of the mine’s geology and creates working sections.

Dynamic stratigraphic design

Panels dynamically respond as the mine layout is created and adjusted.

Conveyor modelling

Conveyer characteristics can be defined to act as a constraint on the overall production.

Advanced mining rules

The mining sequence within each panel is fully automated using mining rules for a practical schedule.

Parametric scheduling

Generate practical schedules in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

Gas Drainage

Integrate gas drainage planning into both the design and scheduling processes.

Scenario analysis capability

Explore alternative ‘what if’ scenarios and truly understand how best to drive the mines production in changing market conditions.

Longwall support

Parametric scheduling approach extends to longwall mines.

Redefining mine planning and scheduling

No other solution can match the 50+ years RPMGlobal has focused on the mining industry. Since the 1970s, operations all over the world have trusted RPM to provide software to deliver their planning and scheduling needs to keep them moving forward.

RPMGlobal’s Underground Coal Solution (UGCS) is a complete mine planning tool that incorporates best of breed design, reserving and scheduling capabilities into a single, easy-to-use package. The fully integrated planning solution is designed specifically for underground coal mines. The mine layout is modelled in true 3D and allows multiple seams to be designed and scheduled simultaneously. Schedules are created interactively using a combination of automatic and manual methods while monitoring the deployment of all equipment on a synchronised animation plot.

Dynamic stratigraphic design

The 3D design capabilities within UGCS are unlike any other. Users don’t just design the panels, headings and longwalls within the mine; they also define how they behave when they intersect major features, such as lease boundaries, exclusion zones and faults. As the mine layout is created and adjusted, the panels dynamically respond to these features, avoiding a huge amount of repetitive, manual refinement.

Conveyor modelling

UGCS can define the characteristics of all conveyors used in the mine and graphically specify which headings each type of belt will be installed. The conveyor network acts as a constraint on the overall production, ensuring production from multiple faces never exceeds the capacity of the out-bye conveyors.

Integrated Product Optimiser

Running simultaneously as the schedule progresses, the Product Optimiser removes the need for pre-schedule or post-schedule blending strategies. It identifies the optimal coal washing and blending strategy for the schedule to meet any number of different products. Users can configure multiple wash plants and decide the density strategy. Wash table data is maintained for each parcel of coal as it moves through different processing streams, and plant efficiency can be incorporated into the cut logic.

The Product Optimiser can model situations where multiple sources are feeding a single wash plant to help planners understand the impact of their schedules on final product qualities and the mines ability to satisfy long-term contracts.

Advanced mining rules

With UGCS, many of the mining rules needed to ensure a practical schedule are generated automatically. The mining sequence within each panel is fully automated, including all headings and crosscuts, installation roads and longwalls. The availability of each panel is also restricted automatically until access is available from the parent.

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