OCPS is 100% script-free and specifically designed to deal with the challenges of open-cut phosphate mines. It is made up of pre-defined logic, which, when combined with the knowledge of mining engineers, automatically determines what is practically possible to achieve across one or multiple mining operations. This agility gives Engineers the ability to respond rapidly to the market and maximise output, delivering shareholder value. OCPS is the only Enterprise Planning solution that complies with industry standards and aligns to ISA-95, delivering true collaboration across the mining value chain.


Process-driven UI

Unique, process-driven UI. Learn in a few days, implement in a few weeks.

Automated reserving

Automatically creates the scheduling reserves from geology and design, whilst handling massive models.

Integrated destination scheduler

Simultaneously schedules mining and dumping, so you know the source and destination of every step.

Integrated haulage modelling

Detailed haulage modelling of every movement in the mine with automatic reporting of equipment requirements.

Intuitive, practical scheduling rules

Intuitive, sophisticated mining rules ensure schedules are always feasible and practical.

Dynamic scheduling

Dynamic scheduling allows a mix of manual and automatic techniques in the same schedule.

Scheduling speed

Incredibly fast scheduling speed – easy to study different scenarios.

Product Optimiser

Integrated Product Optimiser finds the best way to process, blend and stockpile products to maximise value.

Enterprise integration

Directly integrated with other RPM Solutions and ERPs.

Redefining mine planning and scheduling

Underpinning RPM’s Open Cut Phosphate Solution (OCPS) is a powerful scheduling engine that does all the heavy lifting without compromising sophistication and capabilities. From an individual site through to multi-site and global operations, the parametric approach adopted by OCPS means Engineers can amplify their decision-making process. This embedded intelligence, together with our intuitive user interface, increases mine productivity and provides rapid ROI with a solution that is scalable, intuitive and fast to learn.

Intuitive mining rules

With OCPS, mining rules are spatially aware and provide control over the tasks that can be performed in proximity. Combined with the detailed modelling of the ground handling system, from ore passes, rail networks, crushers and shafts, it is easier and quicker for users to see the constraints these impose on production.

Development prioritisation

OCPS is ideal for long term analysis of scenarios but can be fine-tuned for shorter planning cycles. First, it identifies the ideal stoping sequence, excluding development, and then it works out the development priority in order to expose the stopes in the correct order.

Production & backfill rate profiles

OCPS fully schedules placement of engineered backfill and development waste into stopes, with allowance for high strength plugs, mixed fill types and mixed curing rates. With in-built production rate profiles, users can adjust the production rate at any given point of the mining sequence.

Integrated & dynamic haulage

Never miss an opportunity because a schedule was constrained by old, redundant development sequences. Multi-directional haulage is fully supported so the software pre-determines the direction of mining. OCPS overcomes the current cumbersome and time-consuming manual approach from most underground mining planning solutions.

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