The new era of mine closure and rehabilitation requires a holistic, integrated and adaptive approach, with mine closure solutions focused on progressive strategies that are implemented from feasibility right through to relinquishment. The process of mine closure should be strategically planned from the beginning of the life of mine.

In the rapidly developing environment that the mining industry is now operating in, operations need to be aware of their strategy for closure and rehabilitation, to be adaptable when plans change. Not only does this mitigate environmental and social risks, but it also keeps your stakeholders informed of operational stages and plans.

RPMGlobal seamlessly brings together its ESG, mining advisory and software services to support mining clients in developing their ongoing closure plans, estimates and rehabilitation assessments. Mine Closure is no longer just an afterthought, its a strategised process to care for the surrounding physical environment and the lives of individuals, communities ad local governments,

Integrating Technology for a Holistic Rehabilitation Offering

RPMGlobal has implemented the use of technology alongside our advisory team’s deep domain expertise to provide a holistic view of your operation, considering multiple strategic options for mine closure. Our team is able to support your plans at any stage of the mining lifecycle with access to increased data and visibility of historical and current challenges, informing future plans.

Using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and Satellite Image Technologies, RPM has developed an assessment process that results in reduced survey times, costs and a significantly improved dataset when compared to using a traditional methodology alone. RPM provides:

  • Remote sensing via unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and Satellite Image Technologies.
  • Assessment of landform rehabilitation via UAV including abandonment bund audits, waste landform construction parameters, vegetation health and density, and erosion features.

A Holistic Approach to Mine Closure

RPM delivers mine closure and rehabilitation strategies to mining clients on a global scale including but not limited to:

  • Development of Mine Closure Plans (MCP)
  • Closure management and rehabilitation monitoring
  • Closure cost estimates and financial provisioning
  • Compliance audits and reporting; and
  • Relinquishment planning.

Our in-house team is dedicated to environmental, social, and governance services, further backed by our extended advisory and software divisions. Our team has the practical global experience to deliver comprehensive plans and advice. We can support your closure planning at any stage of the mining life cycle, with adaptations to meet the current challenges.

Software and Advisory throughout the Life-of-Mine

Our dedicated team has a breath of global experience

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